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Review of 2023: talyo. manages more than 3,400 new residential units

talyo. Property Service GmbH (Talyo), a property management company with a focus on residential real estate, took over the management of 3,412 additional residential units in 2023. This increased the number of managed units to 15,412, which are divided into 10,856 apartments (2022: 7,800) and 4,556 micro-units (2022: 4,200). In total, Talyo manages 654,310 square meters of rental space nationwide. The company currently manages properties in 41 cities (2022: 35), including Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich and Wiesbaden.

“Optimum property management is essential, especially in challenging times for the sector. We are therefore delighted that we were able to successfully expand our client portfolio last year with major mandates such as CT Real Estate, PATRIZIA SE’s Havelufer Quartier and the first “Property Management+” mandate with CA Fastigheter AB in Berlin,” says Martin Henke, Managing Director of Talyo.

Success continues

Talyo currently employs a total of 83 people (2022: 73). “The positive development is not only reflected in our business expansion, but is also underlined by the appointment of Boris Drigalski, who joined our management team at the beginning of January. With him, Talyo will also focus on the ‘condominium management’ business area and gradually build this up,” emphasizes Henke.

In order to make the letting service even more efficient, the Letting team has also grown to 10 employees, who will be on site regionally for customers in future. “The current calendar year has already got off to a promising start. In January, we recorded a turnover of around 200,000 euros,” says Henke. In 2023, the Talyo letting team successfully concluded around 2,200 rental agreements. This means that over 95% of the letting performance was generated in-house. “Project-specific marketing measures such as the design of a modern website were crucial to this,” adds Henke.

Talyo is also committed to implementing ESG standards accordingly. For example, the company attaches particular importance to employee health, energy and building monitoring as well as ensuring diversity and equal opportunities. Talyo has also entered into partnerships with Pedium, a platform for sustainable real estate management, and Planted, a sustainability platform for CO2 management and reporting. The aim of the collaboration is to optimize CO2 emissions within the company and in the properties managed by Talyo in the long term, thereby contributing to the federal government’s climate targets.

To optimize customer service, Talyo also worked with bots4you, a service provider specializing in AI solutions, and PROMOS last year to further develop its own integrated chatbot, telephone bot and email bot. The automated dialog system helps to process customer inquiries more efficiently and improve the customer experience at the same time. The AI-supported chatbot can handle up to 100 million conversations in parallel and has already been in use for more than 24 months. So far, it has processed around 60,400 messages. In total, 96 percent of requests have been processed correctly.

In August 2023, three years after the company was founded, the Bell Report named Talyo one of the most popular property managers. “Being ranked among the top 5 property managers in the ‘residential’ sector (4th place) confirms that we and the team are committed to our work,” says Martin Henke, Managing Director of Talyo.

New “ELEVON” brand established

“In partnership with Domicil, we also managed to successfully launch our micro-living brand ‘ELEVON’ in September 2023. We have already achieved significant milestones with ELEVON. The website is accessed up to 500 times a day and has reached interested parties in around 100 countries. We will continue to expand this reach this year,” emphasizes Henke.

ELEVON offers furnished apartments for students and young professionals, which are managed by Talyo. The units are located in the immediate vicinity of the universities and are well connected to the city center. These include not only conventional rental apartments, but also apartments in the “student housing” and “serviced apartments” sectors. ELEVON currently manages more than 1,500 units.

About talyo. Property Services GmbH

talyo. Property Services GmbH is a property management company that focuses on the management of residential real estate. It is a subsidiary of Tattersall Lorenz Immobilienmanagement GmbH and is headquartered in Berlin. With its regionally networked real estate experts, talyo. offers the entire spectrum of real estate management services such as commercial and technical property management, letting, consulting, financial accounting and facility services for national and international investors. A particular focus is placed on sustainability and transparency in the management of the managed real estate portfolios as well as the further development of the software products used with our partners and quality improvements in ongoing property management and letting. Compliance with ESG standards (environmental, social and governance) is a top priority for the company.